5 Tips to stay safe online this Valentine’s


It’s a good idea to exercise safe online browsing / shopping at any time of the year but with Valentine’s day just around the corner and most of us doing our shopping online this year, cybercriminals are going to be doing all they can, to scam you out of your money and personal information!!  

Top 5 Tips to stay safe online this Valentine’s…

1.  DO NOT open or run attached files from anyone you do not know.  Ecards from a secret admirer may contain malware sent to steal your personal information and you may fall victim to identity theft!

2.  DO NOT trust emails or advertising from online retailers until you are sure they are legit.  Be aware of spelling mistakes etc and remember the old anecdote if the deal is too good to be true!!…You could be turning over your credit card information to a scammer!

3.  BE AWARE of deceptive profiles on dating apps.  These can be used to send you to fake sites or could be using ‘love bots’ which sounds like you are getting a message from someone who is interested in you but it could be a criminal using a script! According to the Action Fraud romance fraud accounts for the highest financial losses of all web-based crimes, it could be even higher as people may be too embarrassed to admit they had been scammed!!

4.  DO NOT trust every email / message you receive about a delivery!  With everyone shopping online, it can be hard to keep track of all the parcels being delivered but do not click on delivery notifications that are generic with little information of that ask for a delivery fee.  Ring the depot to make sure the message / delivery is real!!

5.  MAKE SURE your mobile and/or computer is protected with up-to-date software with an effective security solution installed!

Even if the pages seem legit and asks you to download something be suspicious and DO NOT accept the download!

Other Than that Happy Valentines Day !!

Author : Pamela Coulter, Safe Harbour Security

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