Can you afford not to implement ISO27001

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You might think that because you are a Small, Medium Business (SMB) that you are not an obvious target for hackers but this is simply not true! 

Yes hackers go after big companies, their huge databases making them lucrative targets for ransomware attacks but as smaller businesses typically have weaker cyber security, this makes them just as appealing and therefore just as vulnerable to attacks.

If you still think this is a bunch of blarney, just read these facts…

☘️ According to Security Magazine, the average cost of a data breach for a small business is $36,000 to $50,000 

☘️ 1 in 5 SMB suffer a cyber attack or data breach.

☘️  Quite a large percentage of these SMB go out of business within 6 months from the attack.

☘️  43% of cyber attacks target small businesses.

☘️  60% of small business owners still think their business isn’t a target.

If you deal with customers, process data, store records and files or have an online presence – then you are a target!

What does a cyber attack / data breach mean for a SMB’s?

Initially you will be thinking of the company’s data being compromised as well as your client’s records and communications.  This data will be held to ransom… you may incur IT costs trying to recover this data or you could pay the hacker’s and get your data back – encrypted!  

Add to that the embarrassment of having to tell your customers! This can damage your reputation with existing, new or potential customers, it may even lead to legal proceedings and fines from government bodies for violating data-breach laws.  

Operation of the company could be impacted or stopped for days or even weeks – leading to a possible huge financial impact.  

Can your business afford this?  Can your business afford to ignore ISO27001?  

Contact us to book a free no obligation consultation to see how your business can become ISO27001 certified.

Author – Pamela Coulter, Safe Harbour Security

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