Virtual Security Manager (VSM)

A Virtual Security Manager (VSM) is a way for your Organisation to have access to industry leading Cyber security knowledge in a flexible and cost-effective way.
The Virtual Security Manager service is a fixed-fee retainer service whereby Clients gain instant access to security experts to provide advice and guidance relating to cyber security and compliance matters.
The VSM service provides peace of mind that security support is always available for your businesses to develop and implement information security strategies that safeguard sensitive information, strengthen brand reputation, and protect customer data.
Virtual Security Manager

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A service that provides.

Key Benefits to your organisation.

Support with defining and implementing your Organisation’s Security Strategy
Provide senior executive with the peace of mind that your business is investing in cyber security and that security issues are being continuously managed
Identify your organisation’s current level of cyber security maturity and exposure to cyber-attacks & data breaches highlighting areas where improvements are needed
Continuous improvement to your cyber security posture whilst reducing the risk of cyber-attack
Support for compliance and security regulations
Have direct access to cyber security experts when needed whilst saving on the recruitment and employment costs of a permanent head count